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Dental problems can cause issues for your quality of life. When you have lingering issues, local dentists have solutions that you should consider, such as dental implants. If you’re unsure whether or not you need dental implant surgery, then read on for more insight.

Teeth Appear Loose

Has it been hard to eat the type of food you normally would because your teeth have gotten loose over the years? Unfortunately, this may happen for many reasons, such as gum disease, ongoing decay, or dental trauma. If they’re too loose to eat properly, then your digestion may be affected. As a result, local dentists may recommend scheduling dental implant surgery to replace your loose teeth.

You Have Several Missing Teeth

Maybe your teeth have already fallen out, and you now have gaping spaces that can make life more difficult. Several missing teeth can affect how you talk and how much you can chew. It can also affect your confidence, especially if the missing gaps can be seen when you smile.

Dentures Have Been Unreliable

For many years, dentures have been the main source of tooth replacement. While they’re still an option, they only last so long. You have to remove your dentures every night to clean them, and they may slip around when talking or eating. In other words, you may need a restricted diet because you can only chew certain foods. However, dental implant surgery provides a solution that looks and functions like normal teeth.

Your Nutrition Is Suffering

Having several missing teeth or non-permanent tooth replacement treatment can affect your eating habits. Your digestion starts in the mouth, so when you can’t properly bite, grind, and chew your food, it’s harder to digest and get the nutrients you need. As a result, you may develop gastrointestinal issues. You may avoid some of the best, most nutritious foods because they’re too hard or crunchy to bite into, such as apples and carrots. Don’t let your nutrition suffer when dental implants can help!

According to our sources, you may need as much as six months to heal from dental implant surgery. However, the process is worth it since you’ll have permanent and natural-looking replacements. When you’re ready to take the next step to improve your oral health, contact our office so our local dentists can help you.

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