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Root canals are one of many types of dental treatment dentists with a specialization as an endodontist. This type of treatment is often needed for severely damaged or diseased teeth. According to The Cleveland Clinic, more than 15 million root canals are done each year. Let’s learn more about this treatment option.

Why Are Root Canals Done?

A root canal is often a final option for severely damaged teeth. If a damaged or decayed tooth is causing a patient severe pain, a root canal can be a good option for fixing the tooth and relieving the pain. This treatment involves the removal of the pulp of the tooth. The inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected and then a crown is put over the tooth. This is one alternative to extraction. Tooth extraction often causes issues with talking or eating. Those problems can be avoided when a root canal is done instead.

Are Root Canals Common?

Yes, this is an extremely common type of dental treatment. However, you should note that most dentists reserve a root canal as a last option. Other forms of treatment will be done first in an effort to save the tooth. If the tooth continues to decay, a root canal can then be used to preserve the outside of the tooth and avoid extraction. A root canal often results because other methods of treatment were not done in time, or other types of preventive care were ignored. In some cases, the tooth simply decays too quickly.

What Are Some Common Root Canal Myths?

There are a lot of myths surrounding root canals. These myths help to perpetuate fear over this treatment. This fear can then cause people to avoid going to the dentist, which actually increases the chances that they may need a root canal. The most common myth about root canals is that they are very painful. This isn’t true. A patient will be under anesthesia during the procedure. The pain that is often associated with this procedure is from an infection that has progressed in the affected tooth. Upon completion of the root canal, this pain will be gone.

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