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Clean teeth matter for more reasons than beauty. While you should clean your teeth at home daily, it’s important to get a professional cleaning twice a year for extra care and protection. Read on to learn about the importance of dental cleaning services.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Regular brushing should be part of your daily routine. According to the American Dental Association, people should brush and floss at least twice a day or after every meal. Even if you do a good job brushing your teeth, there are still elements left behind. For example, you likely have a little bit of plaque on your teeth. A comprehensive dental cleaning will get rid of any lingering plaque and some surface-level stains. Therefore, you’ll walk away with your teeth feeling clean and looking polished.

Check for Various Issues

According to Colgate, a good practice to follow is visiting the dentist twice a year. When you go in for your biannual cleaning, your dentist will check your mouth for various issues. They’ll take X-rays and do a visual exam. The cleaning will be the main purpose, but you’ll still get an overview of how your oral health is doing. At this time, your dentist will also suggest coming back for future dental work like fillings or a deeper clean to get rid of tartar.

Prevent Problems

Sugar is the main culprit when it comes to tooth decay leading to cavities. Even if you don’t eat a high-sugar diet, there’s still a lot of sugar in foods you may eat on a daily basis. If you don’t properly clean your teeth or reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, then you’re susceptible to cavities. A professional dental cleaning can help get rid of substances that are building on your teeth and gums. Dentists can also provide suggestions about how you can better clean your teeth at home if you’re showing signs of hygiene issues. Professional dental cleaning can also help prevent issues such as gum disease. There are many Americans suffering from some form of gum disease, which is highly preventable with good oral care. Regular dental cleaning services can help save your teeth as untreated gum disease could lead to tooth loss.

It’s important to visit a local dentist who can work to ensure you have clean and healthy teeth. Our 5-star-rated team at Purple Vine Dental provides Spanish-speaking services and emergency care. When you need quality dental cleaning services, gum therapy, crowns, Invisalign, and more, contact us anytime.

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