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Your dental health is an important part of your overall health. Not only that but when you feel good about your smile, you also feel more confident. You must take proper care of your teeth, including knowing when you need emergency dentist services. If you have any of the following symptoms, they are indicators you might need emergency dentist services.

Severe Pain or Toothache

It is concerning if you have constant pain that lasts more than two days and keeps you up at night, including fever or severe pain. It could indicate that you have an infected tooth or a cavity and may require emergency care. If the pain is accompanied by swelling in your face or bleeding, you should contact your dentist for an emergency appointment.

Loose Teeth

As an adult, if you notice you have a loose or wiggly tooth, it’s usually a sign there’s a problem. If you had some type of injury from an accident or sports, your tooth or jaw could have been damaged. During the damage, the tooth may have loosened from the socket. It could also mean that you have an infection that weakens the tissue and nerves around the tooth, making it loose. Regardless of the reasons, it won’t correct itself, and you may need an emergency dentist. Your dentist will diagnose the cause of the loose tooth. The three most common skills for dentists, according to Zippia, are patients, diagnosis, and DDs.

Swollen Jaw

Swelling around the jaw indicates a serious infection, such as in the salivary glands. If you have a swollen jaw with a nasty taste in your mouth, fever, and difficulty swallowing or breathing, you should seek emergency dental care right away. If you have an infection in your salivary gland, it’s often caused by a blockage. This means your saliva can’t do its job, and you need professional help quickly.


An abscessed tooth is when you have an infection at the root of your tooth. It’s painful and often caused by severe gum disease or an untreated cavity. It can also develop from trauma or damage to the tooth. It will not heal by itself and may require a visit to the emergency dentist.

These are just four of the main reasons you may need an emergency dentist appointment. If you feel something is wrong with your mouth or teeth, you should contact your dentist immediately.

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