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Oral cancer is a serious problem that your dentist can help you catch. Don’t think that it’s just an issue with older people. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, one-third of all oral cancer cases are in patients below 55 years old. As a result, it’s important to know how your dental professional can help you spot this problem and reduce your risks.

1. Spot Abnormalities

Oral cancer typically starts out as a minor abnormality that your team can see and understand very quickly. For example, there may be precancerous lesions throughout your mouth that are red and white. Once a dental professional spots these problems, they can treat them and ensure that they aren’t cancerous and, if they are, help you get treatment.

2. Provide Regular Cancer Screenings

After your first visit, you’re likely to get a cancer screening from your dental professional. Don’t worry; this isn’t an exhaustive procedure but more of a quick and effective way of examining your oral health. In fact, most take just 90 seconds but give a surprisingly in-depth and effective examination of your mouth that will track your risk and make sure you’re safe.

3. Catch Risks Early

Did you know that there are minor warning issues that might indicate you’re at risk for oral cancer? Your dentist knows them and will carefully screen you each time you visit them. The moment they notice anything that looks suspicious, they’ll test it and find a treatment. That should help you catch early cases and manage them before they become too dangerous.

4. Help You Avoid Dangerous Behaviors

There are many unfortunate behaviors people commit regularly that increase their risks of oral cancer. For example, smoking, chewing tobacco, or eating certain foods and drinks increases your risk. Your dental professional can help you understand which of these are affecting you and ensure that you walk away from this problem safely and without issue.

It’s important to make sure you talk with your dental professional about oral cancer to get regular checkups and keep yourself safe. If you don’t have one or need help, then contact us to learn more. Our team can give you the high-quality support that you deserve and ensure that you’re fully supported with your oral healthcare.

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