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When you think of the dentist, you probably first think of regularly scheduled cleanings and appointments. However, dentists often provide emergency dental services as well. The day may come when you need to see a dentist for an oral health emergency. Further, according to the American College of Prosthodontists, oral cancer kills one American each hour. This demonstrates just how important oral health is. Here are some common reasons people visit an emergency dentist.

A Knocked Out or Loose Tooth

It’s possible that a tooth got knocked out while playing sports, during a car accident, or as the result of some other event. Should a tooth get knocked out, you should see an emergency dentist right away. If the tooth is correctly placed back in quickly, it may still be viable.

You can place the tooth in milk in transit to help protect it. You can also place the tooth in your mouth but be careful not to swallow it. If the tooth is not replaced quickly, it’s less likely to prove viable. However, a dentist can help you select a dental implant or another solution to fill in your smile.

Severe Toothaches

You may not need to see an emergency dentist if you’re feeling mild tooth pain while eating hot or cold drinks (It’s still a good idea to let your dentist know during your next check-up). However, if the tooth pain is severe, it could be due to an infection. This infection is typically caused by bacteria and could spread throughout your mouth and elsewhere. As such, early intervention is crucial.

Fever and Inflammation

Besides toothaches, a tooth infection can produce fevers. Inflammation is common, and you might find that your tongue and gums are inflamed. In such cases, it’s wise to see an emergency dentist as quickly as possible.

Broken teeth

Sometimes, a large part of the tooth will break off. This could lead to severe pain and other issues and your tooth may need to be removed and replaced with an implant. However, sometimes other methods like veneers can address chipped teeth.

Cuts and Bleeding

If you’re experiencing substantial bleeding, intervention may be necessary. Likewise, if you’ve suffered a cut in your mouth, you should have a dentist address it. If you delay seeing a dentist, the issues could get much worse.

Ultimately, it’s important to maintain good oral health. Issues within your mouth can cause a lot of pain and spread. You may also struggle to eat, which will impact your nutrition. So, if you need an emergency dentist, contact us right away at Purple Vine Dental.

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