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Regular dental visits twice a year are essential for oral health, according to the American Dental Association. However, you may need an office visit beyond a regular checkup or scheduled procedure like a filling. Like doctors, there are dentists who provide emergency care. Here is some insight into the training your local emergency dentists have.

Basic Life Support

In addition to university and dental school accreditation, dentists are trained in basic life support. In extreme cases, some patients may require CPR due to heart issues or poor response to sedation. Your emergency dentist is prepped to handle such trauma through CPR or the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Oral Surgery

Some dental emergencies require intensive work to stop bleeding, repair a laceration, or remove an infection. Do you have a throbbing tooth that is keeping you up at night? Has that impacted wisdom tooth become unbearable due to infection or pushing on other teeth? Have you suffered oral trauma from a fall, being hit by a fastball, or other accident? Your emergency dentist is the person to go to.

Medical Emergency Management

Even if a dental procedure corrects what it should, a patient may have an adverse reaction for various reasons. From hypertension to age to other prescription drug complications that require fast intervention, any of these situations can occur. After all, emergency dentists are dealing with patients who may have lost an extreme amount of blood which can weaken the body. They have the right equipment and drugs to help.

Patient Communication

One of the most vital forms of training these dentists have is proper communication. Dealing with an injury, major infection, or trauma is hard for any patient. If they normally hesitate to see a dentist, an emergency can really frighten them. Luckily, these pros have the right bedside manner to get you through it.

As you can see, emergency dentists undergo a vast amount of training. They have the skills to lead you through a successful emergency dental operation. Whether you’ve suffered from a loose or knocked-out tooth, a gum laceration, or profuse bleeding, your emergency dentists have the skills to handle it. If you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to contact Purple Vine Dental during our emergency hours.

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