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Have you noticed lately how many advertisements there are for teeth whitening services? It seems like everyone is getting their teeth professionally whitened these days. With their bright smiles proudly displayed across social media, it’s no wonder you might be feeling the urge to try teeth whitening services yourself. Here are some of the key reasons why teeth whitening services are gaining popularity.

The Quest for Picture-Perfect Smiles

We live in an age of social media, where posting pictures for the world to see is routine. You want your smile to look good for all those photos and videos. Even for basic social interactions, having white teeth can help give you a boost of confidence when chatting face-to-face.

After being bombarded with images of gleaming celebrity smiles both online and on TV, it’s not surprising you’d want your teeth to measure up. These services provide a relatively quick and easy way to get that camera-ready look.

New and Improved Formulas

The teeth whitening industry has come a long way from those early home whitening kits that patients found messy and inconvenient to use. Nowadays, the formulas contain more effective ingredients, so the treatments work more quickly. In fact, a professional teeth whitening service can produce dramatic results after just one session.

With the Iveri system that uses whitening gel and LED light, these latest ingredients make the process faster and cause less sensitivity than ever before. The trouble-free experience makes these newer methods extremely appealing.

Affordable Luxury

While a teeth whitening service is still an added expense, it has now become affordable enough to serve as a common splurge. The cost is reasonable enough that middle-class buyers can budget for it without breaking the bank. Getting a brighter, more attractive smile is now accessible as an affordable luxury.

Considering the high price tag of other cosmetic treatments like veneers or braces, professional teeth whitening starts to look reasonably priced in comparison. The time investment is also minimal, especially compared to more complex dental work. For relatively little money and effort, your smile gets a major self-esteem boost.

As people continue posting perfect selfies and smiling confidently on camera, the appeal of teeth whitening services will no doubt keep rising. Consumers want picture-perfect smiles, and professional teeth whitening delivers visible, affordable results. According to Essence Magazine, 80% of people aged 18 to 49 in the U.S. desire brighter teeth. If you want to get your teeth as white as possible, reach out to us today at Purple Vine Dental to schedule an appointment.

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